This is from a 911 truther conspiracy movie called zeitgeist. It argues the banks organize all world disasters and I think if it’s going to be reblogged that fact needs to be understood.

Huh you would think I wouldn’t forget how awful that film was but apparently it had like 2 little gems in it. I remember how much it disgusted me in full.

This post shows some of the insidious practices of Conspiracy ideology. It posits a lot that makes sense and sounds really good but they extrapolate on them ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims.

Well conspiracies are generally just unsystemic analyses. Like instead of the capitalism and imperialism being shit we create this past world where capitalism and imperialism worked (or were better in our minds), and argue that individuals are fucking it up on purpose.

It’s a really individualistic belief, to the degree that it thinks that a set of people can actually act on a systemic level.



This is a good read, and it’s full of concrete suggestions like: ‘Reject the “He Was a Good Kid” narrative and lift up the “Black Lives Matter” narrative.’

Black people are dying and it’s not your personal fault that black people are dying because you’re white but if you don’t make a purposeful choice to become a white ally and actively work to dismantle the racist system running America for the benefit of white people then it becomes your shame because you are white and black lives matter. And if you live your whole life and then die without making a purposeful choice to become a white ally then American racism becomes your legacy.